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 Post subject: No Desktop
PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:51 pm 
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Since we don't have a 7.5 section yet I will put this here.

Thinking out loud, hoping for direction!

I have install 7.5 test 2 on a PII 266 for a buddy. the install went perfect and rebooted into fluxbox(All looks great). Now the issues start.

First thing I did was to update/upgrade via synaptic. This box has two drives 3gb and a 10gb. I use the 3gb for the install and put /home in root. While the upgrade was happening I moved all the files in /home/user to the 10gb drive, I then edited the fstab to mount that drive on /home/user so when his /home is opened he will be on the 10gb drive.

Next I edited .xinitrc to make icewm the default wm when he boots up. This will be a little more familiar to him as he only has some limited computer experience. Ok reboot to test.

The system boots straight to slim, enter name and password then the machine hesitates for a few seconds and jumps back to slim. I have dropped to a console (ctl)(alt)(F1) and I can log in and see the files in /home, run commands etc, everything looks good. So I try startx and icewm starts as root of course but works fine otherwise.

Why the f%*# can't I log into a desktop??????????????

I have to be missing something here.



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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:32 am 
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Make sure there is .xintrc in the new home folder, not just the one in the old home and it is owned by the user and not root.

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