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 Post subject: OrboRox vs Orborus
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:18 pm 
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OrboRox vs Orborus
I'm thinking of useing LXDE but think openbox is too heavy.
looking for a real lite wm for old pc and fluxbox feels heavy.
I'm not using rox-filer or any rox apps.

for keybinding: keylaunch,xbindkeys,or bbkeys
for menus: deskmenu or myGtkMenu
launchers: tablaunch or wbar
file manager: pcmanfm

I might not use lxde.
If there are any better apps--please share
thanks--i'll be away for awile

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:01 pm 

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I have tried openbox + pypanel, lxde + openbox, lxde + icewm, etc. I have also read an article in "Linux Format" that featured 10 wm's. Openbox is definitely the heaviest and most resource intensive of the group reviewed. And recently lxde has chosen openbox as its "default" wm. So now even heavier. Not to mention that openbox really has no config tools of its own so you have to do a lot of work just to make it usable.

I suggest using icewm as it is very powerful and uses slightly less resources than fluxbox. (See my thread in "tips and tricks" to give you an idea of how powerful it is.) Additionally, if you don't really like icewm, then you can add lxde or just some of its components (again see my thread as I discuss this issue as well) to customize it for your needs. This way you get lxde and pair it with the lightest wm available. Additionally, icewm used to be the "default" wm of lxde.

You don't need rox. Pcmanfm is a light and powerful fm. You could use idesk and create desktop icons and put them at the bottom of your screen, mimicking the look of wbar, which consumes additional resources. Also, pcmanfm has a panel view that shows all mountable devices, so you don't really need desktop icons or menu links to these devices. Just plug it in and open pcmanfm. Icewm has keybindings. For wallpaper, you can use feh if nitrogen is too heavy. Feh is not as fancy as nitrogen, but it at least gives you a preview of all your images. So maybe: icewm, pcmanfm, idesk, feh, antix logout and control center and you've pretty much got a de.

If you need further help, let me know. Also, there are a few other people that have tried ob, lxde, etc. in these forums as well.


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:07 pm 
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Have you tried pekwm?

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