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Upon login to the desktop, should there be a first run message?
No 31%  31%  [ 5 ]
Yes, only on first run 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Yes, only until you opt out (check button) 44%  44%  [ 7 ]
Yes, until I opt out and display again when there are new items / features from antix within a dist-upgrade 19%  19%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 16
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 Post subject: Re: First run / session, questions for antiX 14
PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:47 pm 

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oops, right there all along and I missed it
gtkdialog --program=ControlCenter

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 Post subject: Re: First run / session, questions for antiX 14
PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:27 pm 
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Using AntiX in a School environment I would like to be able to put my own first run message up to give Students a general idea of what to do. Most, if not all of the Students have probably never used any time of Linux so some direction could be helpful.

 Post subject: Re: First run / session, questions for antiX 14
PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:05 pm 

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A here is a proposal.
desktop-session will allow for startup window. To do this there will be 3 new option in the desktop-session.conf file.
1. Enable/Disable startup window (opt in / opt out)
2. Startup window program location (small yad/gtk dialog app, html document wrapper, leafpad on a text file, etc...) ( allows the user to set whatever they want to display at startup )
3. Enable/Disable Alert of "new" features from a dist-upgrade. ( opt in / opt out of new features in programs or updates to antix documentation )
The window will allways appear in the background in the center of the session ( any window you open will be on top of it. )

The defaults based on the poll results as of this moment ( subject to change ) will be
1. True
2. /usr/local/bin/start-window, a Small window / button in the *background* (Contains text explaining what the button is, the button to open the html docs, and a close button... no decoration, no window manager notification, and no background (if I can).... similar to conky. That way it is there but not....)
3. False

For the 3rd option to work for people that would like to have it... I would opt for a html header page located at /usr/share/antiX/Docs/index.html that links to the online version, or install a local version there ( if there are concerns on network connectivity Example: a doc on setting up wicd will be of poor help linking to the online doc). Any changes done to an online version that coincide with a program change will also need to update the header-doc deb for updating the contents of the "Docs" directory (Maybe set version numbers for the matching program in the link... ). This will also enable the button from number 2 to easilly open the html docs and know that they will be in a common place and antiX specific.

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