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 Post subject: kupfer ( runner / launcher app )
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:59 am 

Joined: Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:29 am
Posts: 1264
"kupfer" debian package description: fast and lightweight summoner/launcher
quick overview video:

I haven't had much exposure to desktop environment helper/runner apps, aside from auto-completion performed by MintMenu and by WhiskerMenu. Umm, I faintly recall having trialed an xfce applet back in v4.8 or v4.10 and, at some point, found "launchy" had been installed to one of the local winOS machines.

Anyhow, I installed kupfer today and jotted some initial impressions...

Immediately after installing kupfer, instead of hunting for its entry in the desktop menu
( Applications }} Accessories }} Kupfer )
it's quicker to launch it by pressing Alt+F2 and type "kupfer" into the gexec box.

Can add kupfer to session autostart file but, for testing, I'll just launch it on demand.
First run, click the gear icon top-right in the kupfer GUI to explore the preferences.

Note that kupfer plants a tray icon when launched, and that "Ctrl+space" keypress
(by default, this keybind is editable in prefs)
triggers display of the kupfer GUI.

During my first testing run, as soon as I typed "s" into the kupfer gui
it proposed to "find a file in my (nonexistent) rhythmbox Songs folder" ...or something.

Naw. I don't have rhythmbox & don't plan to install that.
Thankfully, during my first visit to the preferences}} Plugins screen I noticed (and unticked) the Rhythmbox item.
Immediately retested, typed letter "s" ...and kupfer proposed to launch SMtube.
Okay, that's cool, would be handy.

Next, I pressed "t" and kupfer displayed a folder icon
so I pressed enter... and, indeed, kupfer opened spacefm (set as preferred file manager) to /tmp.
THAT will be especially handy, considering that I save non-firejailed firefox downloads to tmp.

wheee, it's detecting my "" firefox bookmark.

github [space]
it's showing a drowdown containing the titles of my various github bookmarks.
(grrrr, I'll want to try making the gui+dropdown wider. Several longish titles are displayed truncated)

Some of the plugins, betcha they only work in conjunction with nautilus.
"Archive manager"
??? I'm going to type into kupfer and want it to extract gz archive files?
Naw, never, so... untick

Hmm, although "DuckDuckGo plugin" is unticked by default, kupfer proposes a ddc search as soon as I've typed du..
Ah, aha! It is detecting the availability of

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