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 Post subject: bug reports for antiX-M7.01
PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 12:52 am 
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Here's the first 'bug'.

If you want to install nvidia or ati drivers via the Mepis Xconfig tool, you will need to enable the Mepis repos in /etc/apt/sources.list first.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:25 am 

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When I was using the live CD, I opened xfe while in IceWM. Xfe was missing the top bar that's normally there on a window. Is that a bug or a feature? :)

EDIT: Today I discovered that the top bar isn't missing, but was pushed off the screen. This may be an IceWM issue, as I have noticed that the windows of some apps are often positioned such that part of the window is off-screen. That's with IceWM under Debian Sarge.


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:02 pm 

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Today I installed Antix onto my desktop (replacing Xubuntu Gutsy) and came up against a few problems. 1st is easy. I use a Zydas wireless adapter (USB) whose driver is part of the Linux kernel. The firmware should be in /lib/firmware/zd1211 but in Antix the folder is missing and the firmware is directly in /lib/firmware/. Unfortunately the driver won't load unless the zd1211 folder is present and the firmware inside it. I don't know if this is a Mepis thing or specific to Antix but either way it's an easy fix.

Problem No.2: this was a stinker. My desktop connects to the router wirelessly, all good once the firmware issue above was dealt with. It also has an ethernet port which I use for my LAN so I need to run a DHCP server with static IP so I can set up NAT. The /etc/network/interfaces files is heavily modified in Mepis so that the mnetwork tool can work. It is possible to allocate a static IP, but allocating one without a gateway specified (as required for DHCP server) causes mnetwork to fail (killing all connections) because it requires one to be specified in /etc/network/interfaces. As long as mnetwork and its version of the interfaces file is in place the DHCP server fails to start. I ended up having to remove --purge mnetwork and replace it with the network-manager backend. It seems mnetwork is fine for desktop use but not once you need to serve DHCP.

3rd problem: I wanted to preserve all the important data in /home when changing to Antix. I removed all the Xubuntu config files including .xinitrc, .ICEauthority and so on so that I was left with my personal data and some data+config files for stuff like my browser settings, email client, feedreader etc. On installing Antix the first time I followed the option to re-use home but the installer failed to write .fluxbox, .xinitrc and so on, so I had to log on in the shell and then startX. On 2nd install attempt (all my /home is backed up) I allowed the installer to format /home and it worked as expected (but left me the task of copying about 35GB of data from my backups). It seems to me that the installer can only re-use /home if it's the home of a previous Antix/Mepis install, otherwise it installs / but adds nothing to /home.

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